Teacher Training Second Day

Today was the second full day of teacher training and was as successful as the first. Today I led sessions in the morning about how to make pipe cleaner people and then use these puppet like figures to say English phrases and conversations.

In the afternoon I took two more groups so they could learn how the Goldilocks story sack is used. At the end of the day the Indian teachers received certificates for their training. Here is a picture of the 3 Hastings teachers receiving theirs.


4 thoughts on “Teacher Training Second Day

  1. I am Alex’s grandmother!
    Thoroughly amazing what you are all doing out in Kolkata. Really enjoying seeing all of Alex photos of her time spent with you all. It’s very moving to see the children looking so happy, with the little they have got. Cant imagine the little ones having no parents/home, to keep them safe! Such a tragic sad world we live in.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. It is an amazing place to visit but the sad thing is that we can’t do more to make a difference. You should be proud of Alex and her friends – they are all doing really well and wholeheartedly getting involved in everything we are doing. We are off to the countryside tomorrow so it will be nice to see a different side of Indian life.


  2. Hi Mr Wilde, could we do some fundraising for Hastings and the little girl. We could do it with another school and sell each other things that we have made? From Emmy


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