More Kolkata Wonders

We are getting up early tomorrow to go into the countryside and do I’ve got a little time left this evening to tell you about some of the other interesting things we’ve seen and done. Firstly last night we were invited to one of the more affluent schools for a traditional Bengali meal. We were treated to a banquet with sumptuous food and given marigold garlands to wear. The school basketball court was transformed with dazzling lights but as nice as it was we couldn’t help think of how unfair it was that people are living on the pavement just yards from where we were. I hadn’t had the opportunity to share a picture of the Jain temple we visited on the first day. It was very pretty and surprisingly calm in the bustling city. And finally we have seen some amusing signs. The first one is on the hotel lift and the second can just about be seen on the road. There are signs about road safety everywhere but no one even pays any attention to road markings or traffic lights!


9 thoughts on “More Kolkata Wonders

  1. I hope your having a nice time. I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog at school and with my mum and dad at home. It’s been really cold here today and there was ice at school, it was frozen solid! I love the pictures you’ve taken. From Caitlyn P


    1. Hi Caitlyn. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog and the pictures. It will be strange for me coming back to cold weather from the warmth here but I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.


  2. Hi Mr Wilde,
    It looks like you’re having a very busy trip and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures – the golden boat was the best! But it’s sad to see and hear about children having to live on the streets.
    Have you learnt any of the local language?
    Love Ellie x
    P.S. I like the orange garland you are wearing!


    1. Hi Ellie. Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading the blog. I’ve learnt some phrases like hello and thank you but English is an official language here so it is ok to use. I liked the garland too but it was surprisingly heavy!


  3. Hello Mr Wilde. We hope you are having a nice time. Olivia would like to know what the money looks like and how warm it is? Edie say’s it makes her feel sad people don’t have homes! We look forward to seeing you soon. Olivia and Edie x


    1. Hi Olivia and Edie. The temperature is pleasant but can get cool at night – trousers and jumper needed. I will try and take a picture of the money or I can bring back what I have left and show you in school. We all feel sad too about the people with no homes especially as there are so many of them.


  4. Hello Mr Wilde, it’s Friday afternoon and we wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed reading your blog this week. We hope you have had a lovely time in the countryside and we will look at home this weekend to see your pictures. Have a fantastic picnic tomorrow and the Hastings children enjoy the party. Travel home safely and we’ll see you soon. love from the Infants xxx


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