Food Glorious Food.

Many of you have asked about the food we have been having. It has all been vegetarian and most of it has been curries or spiced fried veg. The nicest foods have been the nan breads which are delicious. Here are some pictures of the food. The first is called a dosa.


2 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food.

  1. The food looks yummy Mr Wilde, do they have three meals a day like we do, do they have lunch at school?
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


    1. Hello. The children at Hastings are given some biscuits before the end of the school day at 1.30. This is so they turn up to school and stay there otherwise they might not get any food. Those who can afford food usually have 3 meals a day but there are people eating things from street food stalls at all times of the day. Can you imagine not having enough food?


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