Teacher Development Day and Mother Theresa’s House

Today has been a busy day teaching the Indian teachers new skills and techniques as well as sharing lots of the resources that we prepared back in England. In the morning I led sessions about using a clapping rhythm to learn English phrases. Juniors might know the rhythm from our music lessons. In the afternoon I demonstrated how the Goldilocks story can be used to practice mathematical vocabulary such as bigger / smaller. We also shared some songs such as the Goldilocks song that we sang at school. Here are the Hastings Teachers enjoying the day. In the evening we went to Mother Theresa’s house and saw where she lived her life with her fellow nuns. We saw her Nobel peace prize certificate she earned for helping and caring for the poor and unwell on the streets of Kolkata. I also saw a hotel that reminded me of Darley Dale! Now I have to go and prepare for Teaching tomorrow in Hastings School. I hope you are all enjoying the blog and I look forward to reading your messages.


7 thoughts on “Teacher Development Day and Mother Theresa’s House

  1. Hello Mr Wilde,
    We are quickly writing some questions before the end of the day! We are all loving your blog and so many of the children want to ask you things so here are a few to keep you busy!
    Alfie – Did they enjoy the Goldilocks song?
    Toby – Is it fun teaching the children?
    Freddie – How quickly do the children learn?
    Joseph – Do they understand English?
    Imogen – What is the food like you are eating?
    Eli – After the children Hastings children leave Hastings school, do they go to another school?
    Thank you,
    The Juniors


    1. Hello Juniors
      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog.
      Alfie – The children enjoyed the Goldilocks song. I will try to get the to sing it to you today.
      Toby – it is fun but hard work!
      Freddie – some children learn quickly but some find it difficult.
      Joseph – some understand a bit of english but not too many. Even the teachers find it difficult.
      Imogen – I will show you some food pictures later in the blog.
      Eli – I don’t know, I will ask today.
      Thanks for the questions. Have a good day.


  2. Hi Mr Wilde,
    Hope you are o.k. We are all working hard enjoying checking on your blog. How old are the children in the school?
    From Mia


    1. Hi Neve and Mia I’m glad you are working hard! The children range in ages from about 4 to 12. They are all differing abilities which makes it difficult to teach, especially when there is no space to move into groups and no tables to work at. I hope you keep enjoying the blog. Mr Wilde

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  3. Hi Mr Wilde,
    Hope you are enjoying yourself. We are finding the blog really interesting.
    What are you doing in the evenings after all the hard work
    From Ivie and Daisy


    1. Hi Orla. The food we are having is nice but some of it is quite spicy. It is not too much different from food that you get at Indian restaurants in England. The only difference is that in England our food is usually safe to eat. Here we are never confident that the food won’t make us ill as hygiene is poor and the tap water isn’t drinkable.


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