We’ve arrived!

Well we’ve just had our first lunch at the Dee Empressa Hotel having arrived mid morning. Tandoori roti and curry – tasty but not huge.

The flight was good but we had quite a rush to get between our flights in Dubai. Despite rushing to the gate it said ‘final call’ when we got there! Not many of us were able to get much sleep on the plane and so we have pretty much missed a night which means we are quite tired at the moment.

The bus ride from the airport to the hotel was fascinating as there are just so many people going about their lives in so many different ways. The sound of car horns also seems to permanently fill the air here as if the vehicles are talking to each other. I’ll include some pictures to give you a flavour of some of the sights from the bus window. It will be back on the bus later to visit a temple before heading back for dinner and an early night.

4 thoughts on “We’ve arrived!

  1. We hope you have had an exciting first day and we love looking at the photos. Emily hopes that the food tastes nice! Love Sam and Emily


    1. Hi Sam and Emily. The first day was good – we went to a temple (I will put pictures up shortly). I’ve had a good nights sleep and then this morning we are going to the cathedral. All food so far has been tasty it is just sometimes difficult to know what things are on the menu!


  2. We hope you’re finding India interesting. What were you using that bottle for in the other picture? What is the weather like there? xxx


    1. Hi Evelyn. The weather is warm but not too hot. The bottle wasn’t being used in the lesson – a child was just coming in with it from outside! India is very interesting – there is so much to see everywhere you look.


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