The Adventure Starts Here!

Jabs had, visa sorted, schoolchildren briefed, blog set up.  I only have to get through Christmas and I’ll nearly be ready to travel to Kolkata with a bunch of other Derbyshire teachers.  Follow the experience on this page as I travel and please do interact with it – I would love to answer your questions.


7 thoughts on “The Adventure Starts Here!

  1. Hello Mr Wilde.
    How was your flight? Did you get a window seat? What films did you watch? What did you eat on the aeroplane?How nice was the plane? Love from Lucas


    1. Hi Lucas. I have just watched Mamma Mia 2 and am now watching Avengers Infinity War. The plane is great – the biggest I’ve ever been on. There are a en stars in the ceiling! I’ve not got a window seat but it is dark so I wouldn’t see anything anyway. Bye.


    1. Hi Orla. I’m testing out the onboard Wi-fi as I’ve not arrived in India yet. I’m a little nervous but I’m also quite excited. We can only get Indian money (rupees) when we get there. I will take some pictures of it to show you. Wrap up warm!


  2. Hi Mr Wilde,
    What have you been upto today and has it been hot?
    What have you been teaching the Kolkata children today?
    Love Tamsin & Miss Bent x


    1. Hi Tamsin & Miss Bent. I have been in school today – did you see the pictures? We taught numbers, colours and songs along with some stories – bear hunt and hungry caterpillar. It is warm but not too hot.


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